The heroic fox 🦊 invited YOU, his trusty ol' squire 🐭, for a new adventure: to find the missing princess. Rearrange his plans to make sure you both survive the battles that await you.

⚔️ Gameplay Description

Turn-based strategy game where you don't get to pick the actions you take but have to make do with what the hero provides you with. He can be quite stubborn so you only have a few suggestions to give him before his ego gets hurt which makes him more vulnerable to attacks. But if you leave his perfect plan untouched (as in encouraging it), his ego will get boosted which has its own benefits.

🍓 Game Jam

This game was made for Game Off 2022 in a month. The theme was cliché. To play the original jam version, download one of the files titled Jam Version. In spirit of the jam, here is a link to the source code.

❗ Tips/Rules

  • Preferably play downloaded version instead of browser one
  • Chrome version isn't stable
  • Fullscreen recommended
  • Whenever you swap actions the hero loses an ego point
  • When you spend all of the hero's ego points, he will be so distraught he takes double damage
  • If you leave the hero's plan untouched you gain an ego point and a bonus action for next turn

🎮 Controls

  • Mouse + Left Click - Almost everything
  • [U] - Undo last swap from the current turn
  • [P] - Pause mid battle (battle speed is changeable from there)
  • [F] - Toggle fullscreen
  • [Esc] - Exit fullscreen

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Credits


The Adventures of the Heroic Fox (Windows).zip 53 MB
The Adventures of the Heroic Fox (Linux).zip 57 MB
Jam Version (Windows).zip 53 MB
Jam Version (Linux).zip 57 MB

Development log


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nice rpg


This was  really fun and the art is incredible!
(1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing and uploading a video of your playthrough! We'll be back with more fights + the ending, hopefully by the end of the year :)


Nice  game!


love it!


i really liked this one, it's super stylish and relaxing!